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By finish the map in diffrent difficults you will unlock 2 Protoss units for each difficults.
Down here is a list of units and difficults you need to finish to unclock specific units you want.

For zerg units you need to finish the map In time.
Finish all difficults for Master Rewards.
InTime and all difficults for Pro Rewards.

Protoss Units

Zealot, Stalker

Immortal, Dark Templar

High Templar, Colossus

Sentry, Stone Zealot

Master Reward

To unlock the Pro Rewards you must finish the map intime on all difficult, the time vary depends on the difficult. You can only unlock 2 Zerg Units each difficults.

Zerg Units

Normal 1 h
Zergling, Banelings

Hard 1.15 min
Roach, Lurker

Suicide 1.30 min
Queen, Ultralisk

Impossible 1.45 min
Infestor, Hydralisk

Pro Rewards
Hybrid Upgrades
ATKupg  &  DEFupg

Heroes Units

lllusion (Zeratul)
Unlock Requirement 75 Achievments

SmaMMiT (Hybrid Destroyer)
Unlock Requirement 100 Achievments

Ret (Dark Archon)
Unlock Requirement 125 Achievments

ign: Illushion[306]

Income Wars
Rank: Tournament Rank

Nights Special Forces
Rank: God
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Unlock Units
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